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Farmer Insights
Hear from Ohio farmers about their use of best practices
Farmers Alissa, James, and Paul agree that water quality is very important for the environment, and the success and future of their farms. Implementing best practices on farms can positively impact the environment.
Like many farms, Paul will pass his farm down to his children. Paul's son is passionate about improving the water quality and soil health on his farm to help his farm in the long-run.
Alissa lives on her family's farm, where they own several hundred acres. Best practices are a huge part of Alissa's farm, and have been ever since she can remember. These best practices have helped improved Alissa's family's farm to ensure healthy land for the future generations.
Not only are best practices the right thing to do for many farmers, but these practices will also help the environment. Keeping nutrients in the land will improve water quality for the entire community. Paul believes these practices are his responsibility, and that all farmers should implement these practices.
Alissa discusses the importance of improving water quality on her family farm. She especially discusses the importance for the future generations of her family and her family farm as a whole.
Andy Stickel is a fourth-generation farmer on his family's farm in Wood County, Ohio. The family farm was started by Andy's great-grandfather, and passed down to his grandfather, father, and now to Andy and his brother. Andy shares how using best practice management has improved the health of his farm and helped the farm financially.
Lane Osswald is a fifth-generation farmer on his 1,500 acre family farm. Since the 1990s, Lane's farm has employed no-till farming. Lane's farm also uses less pesticides to help the environment. Lane shares how these best practices have improved his business. These best practices implemented by Lane help his farm grow more efficiently with less acreage, less time, and less labor. Lane's overall goal is to improve his farm so his children and his grandchildren have a successful future, and to make the land healthier than it was before.