For My Farm
Ohio grain farmers
have fought through the toughest season on record because they know you're counting on them.
More than 15 percent of insured Ohio farms were prevented from planting this season. That's the highest rate in the country, and the worst on record. But the world is counting on crops from Ohio farms. Ohio grain farmers have fought through this season to grow all the food they can because every Ohioans is counting on them.
Record rainfall and tariffs.
Farmers are still growing in the most difficult times.
Farmers know they have a responsibility to protect the water in our lakes, rivers and streams. Even at this difficult moment, they continue to invest their time and resources to employ best management practices that keeps agricultural runoff to a minimum. It is not in farmers' general nature to feel sorry for themselves; they know that adversity is part of the job.
For the consumer and the land.
Farmers are working to protect the environment.
Ohio farmers want you to know they are here for you.
Sharing their stories.